This is love.

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How did this happen..

How did after three years we let distance win. I am so sad without you I feel like I lost a part of me. It is so hard not to text you all day. I loved you with everything I have but we both weren’t living our lives to the fullest and I love you enough to let you go. As hard as it will be I know it’s for the best and I will always love you and I am sorry for everything. Someday I hope you still think of me.

The only thing left to do is just smile.

The only thing left to do is just smile.

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Goal :
To write a book, a love story that everyone will remember. 

Goal :

To write a book, a love story that everyone will remember. 


What he doesn’t understand is I have already lost so much time with him because of college. Three years of the beginning of our lives together and we only are physically together for only  half of it. He says we have our whole lives to be together, but who knows what the future will bring. I mean anything could happen and I just want to spend every moment together and it’s hard. I just don’t want to miss anything I have already missed enough. The first years together are always the most special and I don’t get to experience like other couples. I spend our engagement almost 7 hours away for half of the year that is hard for someone like me to do. I just never thought I could ever love anyone this much and I just wish he loved with a love like mine..


People say love is greater than distance. I just think the distance changes people. I hate who you are when your away it’s nothing like when you are home with me. I am just so insecure and I only wish I had more self confidence. I am constantly paranoid at what you are doing and who you are with and I need to just concentrate on my own life. I need to worry about me and not you. So it’s time to really let go and do more things for myself, and maybe in doing so you will realize how much you being away effects me. I think this will only help me grow and one of my close friends has inspired me to write a book of my own and I think that is something I can really dedicate a lot of my extra time to. I will be famous for something someday and I think a book is a great way to start.

It’s not only in the movies and I thought I loved you then

What’s better knowing or not knowing … :(

Girls are just bitches!

You can never tell the difference these days if girls aren’t intentionally trying to steal your man or if they are straight up doing it on purpose either way hate em!!